Product Placement

Product Placement

We want your mind to be at ease when you come in for any of our services. Below you will see the dose of each of our injections that you will receive to get started on reaching your greatest potential of beauty.

Voluma – 2 syringes needed (1 per cheek)

Volbella 1 to 2 syringes (tear trough or upper lip area)

Vollure 1 syringe (nasolabial area or lips)

Juvederm – 1 syringe ( lips or nasolabial area)

Kybella – 2 or 3 vials needed per treatment (at least 2 treatments needed)

Average Botox Units Needed:
Frontalis Lines (upper forehead) – 10 units
Glabellar Lines (between brows) – 20 units
Eyebrow lift- 4 units per side
Crows feet (outer corner of eye) – 9 units per side
Bunny lines (side of nose) – 8 Units
Dimpling Chin – 10 units
Axillary Hyperhidrosis(Excessive armpit sweating) -100 units total