Dr. 95350 Membership is HERE!

Dr. 95350 Membership

*NEW* Membership pricing has arrived!

Sign up for one of two new membership options at Dr. 95350 today!
Our Botox Membership ($120/Month for 1 Year) includes 48 units of botox every 3 months.
Our #LipLove Membership ($120/Month for 1 Year) includes 3 Syringes of Juvaderm for the year.

Each membership also gives members exclusive access to membership pricing on other treatments & services offered at Dr. 95350. Members will also receive discounted pricing on all Vitamin Drips & Boosts at Valley Wellness Center!

Standard Pricing

If you do not elect to become a member, standard pricing will apply to all services.
Standard Price list can be found below.

Sign Up Today!

If you are interested in one of our two new membership options, contact our team for more information or to join! We can be reached at: (209) 988-0558